Palm Island Beach House

Palm Island in Cape Haze, Florida. Completed in 2012.

PHA was hired to design and oversee the construction of a new vacation home on Palm Island in Cape Haze, Florida. There were many challenges with this project. The site was located on the Gulf of Mexico Coastline a few hundred feet away from the water. Also it is an island that requires a car ferry to bring all materials and people across. There were many regulatory hurdles, such as the Home Owners Association, the Florida DEP, FEMA Flood Elevations as well as the State and local regulatory agencies. FEMA and the HOA dictated that the structure be designed with wood pylons and the lowest structural member had to be nineteen and a half feet above grade to protect the house from wave surges during a hurricane. Florida DEP mandated that we protect both gofer turtle nests and sea turtles and their nesting through dark sky regulations and initiatives.

Although a tight site, we accommodated the client’s primary needs, which were to establish a 5-bedroom home as well as large open spaces for the kitchen and family rooms. We also incorporated a vanishing edge water feature on the seaward deck. This was in line with the main gallery space on the interior for visual aesthetics and an evaporative cooling benefit. This would allow them to conserve energy during the drier winter months of Florida.

Throughout the many challenges we faced, the end result was well worth the effort. The clients told us after it was built that it was their favorite home they have seen and they look forward to retiring there.

Photographs provided by Barry Grossman Photography, Inc. & The Greg Wilson Group