Newtown CT Residence

Newtown, Connecticut. Completed in 2009.

P H Architects was given the opportunity to design alterations to an existing 3,000 sq. ft. 1916 residence. The Owners wanted to completely gut the interior and replace all of the heating, cooling and domestic water systems, while keeping the quaint, historical appearance of the house. Throughout the renovations, we also conducted a complete asbestos and mold abatement program.

We fully refinished all the interior of the house, replacing the existing wood flooring and reusing the newel posts and balustrade. The interior layout of the residence was redesigned to be more open and we provided new master and guest suites at the upper floor level.

The stone foundations were sealed with concrete at the basement level and a new concrete slab was poured to seal off a perennial water intrusion problem.

The exterior of the house was re-clad with wood shingles and a new roof. A new entry element was built and new trim was provided throughout the exterior.

P H Architects was able to upgrade the interior and building systems of the house while maintaining the character of the exterior part of this significant residence.

Photographs provided by T.G. Olcott Photography