Darien CT Residence

Darien, Connecticut. Completed in 2012.

We were hired to design a new home for a couple that was looking to develop the building lot across the street from their existing residence. Their thought was to build this new home and sell it at the end of construction as an investment.

A challenge of this nonconforming lot was that it was very narrow. The clients were interested in a simple traditional looking cape. It would transition to more sophisticated details and design elements as it progressed towards to the rear of the property.

We built a four bedroom home, which included a finished basement with tall ceilings, and vaulted ceilings in the master suite. This beautifully landscaped property included an outdoor fireplace and terrace. It also has a detached garage that compliments the style of the main structure and offers privacy for the rear yard.

This simple looking Cape portrays a very attractive and detail oriented home in a non-pretentious manner that retains a comfortable New England feel. The most gratifying aspect of this project is the clients favored this home so much they sold their previous residence and moved across the street into the new one.

Photographs provided by T.G. Olcott Photography.