RCG Farm Storage Barn

Newtown, Connecticut. Completed in 2010

The Storage Barn was the first building to be built under the concept of a master plan for a 30-acre equestrian facility. The Storage Barn was located centrally and was envisioned as the service and utility hub for the farm. We provided robust electrical, water and propane infrastructure to the building to service the fields and miscellaneous out buildings. The Storage Barn will also house the maintenance vehicles for the farm on the main floor.

The barn also set the design precedence for all of the other new buildings for the equestrian farm. It was important to the Owners to set a New England vernacular for the buildings on the farm to create a commonality design. We incorporated fieldstone into the building to reinforce the fieldstone wall and fence perimeter as an icon of the farm.

The building utilizes a wood shingled exterior to add a whimsical feature to the traditional forms. We were mindful of the proportions and scale of the barn as a stand-alone structure that would relate to the larger buildings to come.

Photographs provided by T.G. Olcott Photography.