Ayindisa Flag Ship Store

Ridgefield, Connecticut. Completed in 2008

Ayindisa approached PHA to design their unique socially responsible artisan handcrafts flagship retail store in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Due to our unique experience in creating and providing indigenous design in various areas of Africa for several non-profit companies, we worked together with great success.

The company wanted a very distinctive and ingenious design that would capture the attention of passers-by, as well as convey various African cultural designs and techniques. We used real materials; grass weave carpeting and African teak hardwoods for the custom display cabinets and other millwork. We also designed customized areas for various art pieces that Ayindisa wanted to proudly display.

The main design concept was derived from the company’s name, Ayindisa thus reflected the owner’s Ghanaian name meaning “God is watching over you.” We implemented a ceiling pattern of natural wood materials and specialized lighting to replicate sunrays shining overhead. These sunrays will comfort the patron while they are browsing throughout the store and give relevance to something beyond the merchandise.

Photographs provided by Greg Lewis Photography.